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(Serving individuals aged 18+)



Grief | Stress | Depression | Anxiety 

Emilie Hite, therapist and counselor in Asheville, North Carolina | Resilient Mind Counseling

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Greg Pitters, MA Intern
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Offering individual sessions on a sliding scale basis

(Serving individuals age 18+)

Our words have power. They impact others, but they also impact us.

~ Michael Hyatt

My Approach & Philosophy

Are you feeling overwhelmed by negative thoughts? Are you worried that you’re too much or not enough or both at the same time? Are you exhausted and feeling unmotivated? Has making decisions become more difficult than it was in the past?

When life feels unbearable or unsafe, it’s easy to turn inward and isolate. Sometimes it’s challenging to know where to turn, who to contact and who you can trust.

In those moments, having someone to truly listen and offer support can be invaluable to your mental health. A caring, safe and nonjudgmental space to share your emotions. A place to understand and identify your needs because your needs matter.

I spent much of my life feeling like I was unable to be vulnerable and honest with other people. When I started trying to foster that sense of connection and unlock that capacity to be honest and vulnerable in 2012, my life changed forever. I learned what it meant to have a safe place both to listen and to be heard, which opened the possibility for connection. Hearing other people resonating with my experience and sharing empathy, I felt less alone, more cared for, and better understood. 

Years spent doing this healing work inspired me to give back to others in my community as a counselor. I understand the importance of creating that safe space, that place of acceptance, understanding, and curiosity. I have seen that difficult times can bring gifts of insight and healing. My approach is non-judgmental, open-minded, intuitive, and heart-centered. I want to provide fertile ground where trust can grow organically. 

I am pursuing my Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Adams State University. I also work with SeekHealing, a social health organization that works to rebuild disconnected communities by healing loneliness, systemic shame, trauma, and addiction.

I am here to listen, to receive your experience with genuine curiosity, and to understand. 

You often hear helping professionals talk about taking the first step toward a better life, as though it were that easy. One step can feel overwhelming and it requires you to know which direction you are heading and what you want to do when you arrive. Knowing which way to step may well take time. I think the journey to healing starts with leaning into the notion that a better day is on the horizon. If you can lean into that notion far enough, the step will happen.


I provide mental health counseling and therapy to help with:

  • Grief
  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Anxiety

You Deserve to Feel Great.
I’m Here to Help.

Emilie Hite, therapist and counselor in Asheville, North Carolina Resilient Mind Counseling

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