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“When you can talk about your feelings with someone you trust, they become less scary and overwhelming ”

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Why start online therapy in Charlotte North Carolina?

With online therapy, geographical constraints are a thing of the past. Picture the flexibility of conducting your therapy session from a stationary car, the tranquility of your home, or the privacy of your office space.

At Resilient Mind Counseling, our goal is to dismantle the obstacles preventing individuals from obtaining premier mental health counseling throughout North Carolina. By simplifying the process of accessing care, we enhance the likelihood that individuals will receive the essential support they require. This is particularly true when it comes to connecting with an online therapist who is perfectly suited to meet your distinct needs.

Online therapy in Charlotte North Carolina allows access from anywhere. Imagine being able to do your therapy session from your car, your home, your office, etc.

Research shows that online therapy is equally if not more effective. Furthermore, it supports growth, change, and healing.

Pros Of Online Therapy:

There are quite a few benefits to online therapy in Charlotte North Carolina.

  • Ease of access
  • You can be in a therapy session from anywhere
  • See your online therapist in Charlotte North Carolina from the comfort of your home
  • If your home doesn’t feel comfortable, you can do therapy from your office, car, etc.
  • Less time that you need to take off from work to travel back and forth to appointments
  • You no longer have to leave work to drive to your Charlotte mental health office
  • A more personalized experience
  • HIPAA compliant video calls that protect all of your information
  • Protecting your health information is important to us.  For this reason, we ensure that you feel safe and secure.
  • Email and text reminders with your links already included. Just like a Zoom session but better!
  • Additionally, show up in your pajamas, your comfy clothes, and ensure that you get the most out of your appointment
  • Consequently, Research shows that teletherapy is equally if not more effective to support growth, change, and healing

Misconceptions About Online Therapy:

  • Many people believe that therapy conducted online isn’t as beneficial as face-to-face sessions, but studies suggest otherwise. When clients are in an environment where they feel relaxed and at ease, the effectiveness of the therapy can significantly improve.

    There are also concerns about the confidentiality and security of teletherapy. Rest assured, we utilize HIPAA-compliant platforms that prioritize your privacy, safeguarding your conversations and personal information to prevent unauthorized access.

    Some may question the impact of online therapy on adolescents, given their unique needs. However, teens today are digital natives, comfortable with technology and often more willing to express themselves through a screen. Online sessions can aid in creating an atmosphere where they feel secure to share openly and honestly.

    Additionally, virtual therapy is a game-changer for psychiatric services. Not only can it facilitate quicker access to medication, but it also helps maintain consistent treatment by reducing missed appointments.

    Concerns about the effectiveness of online therapy for families or couples are understandable. Yet, virtual sessions offer a collective space for all parties involved, making it simpler to coordinate sessions and maintain communication among family members or partners.

    If you have any reservations or simply desire more information on how online therapy might be suitable for you, please get in touch with us for a complimentary consultation.

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How does it work? 

Teletherapy is easy.  First, you will receive a link to meet with your online therapist, just like the Zoom calls that we’ve gotten so used to over the last couple of years.  

Then, click the link and you’re in the virtual therapy office.  As long as you have a good wi-fi or cellular connection, you’re good to go!

Get appointment reminders, ease of access to care, and quality therapy.  Getting started today is as easy as calling or texting 828-515-1246.

Resilient Mind Counseling specializes in online therapy throughout Charlotte and North Carolina for teens 12+ and adults.  We specialize in anxietytraumaLGBTQIA+ issues, ADHD, BIPOC strugglesdepression, and more.

Healing takes time and asking for help is a courageous first step.  It starts with a click of a button or a phone call.  Start your virtual therapy journey today and get connected to someone who can help you with your mental health goals.

**Please do not drive your car while participating in online therapy**

Ready to Start Online Therapy in North Carolina?

Our online therapists in Charlotte North Carolina are here to support you from wherever you are in the state. At our Asheville mental health practice, we strive to ensure people have access to quality therapy and psychiatric services in Asheville, NC, or anywhere else in the state. Reaching out to an online therapist can be hard but it takes three steps to get the support you need. 

  1. First, Reach out to us for a free consultation.
  2. Then, Make your first appointment with an online therapist.
  3. Finally, Get support from the comfort of your home.

Our Counseling Services in Asheville, NC.

Our counselors based out of our North Carolina mental health office offer lots of mental health services through Virtual therapy.  These include anxiety treatmentdepression treatmentbipolar disorder treatment, trauma therapy, and PTSD treatment. In order to help strengthen your relationship, we have marriage counseling and couples therapy. If you are struggling with LGBTQ issuesBIPOC struggles, or neurodivergent obstacles we have online therapists who specialize in that as well. Beyond therapy, we also offer psychiatric services.

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