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Tyrek Corry, MSW, LCSW-A, Mdiv.



BIPOC | Spirituality | Life Transitions | Relationship Issues | Neurodivergence | Self Esteem | LGBTQIA2+

“In this here place, we flesh' flesh that weeps, laughs; flesh that dances on bare feet in grass. Love it. Love it hard... You got to love it, you!"

~ Toni Morrison.

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Accepted Insurance Providers:  BCBS, AETNA, Medcost

Rates / Fees:
$175 Initial Intake Appointment
$150 60-Minute Session
Limited $100 – $150 Sliding Scale Sessions


I provide trauma-informed therapy for:

  • Adults
  • Adolescents (Ages 16+)


I specialize in providing counseling to help folx across the lifespan process:

My Approach & Philosophy

As a black man who has experienced therapy himself, I understand the need to destigmatize mental health and create spaces for others that look like me to do the same. It is in my own experience that I unlocked a passion and ability to bear witness to the pain of life and to be an advocate for those experiencing that pain. I understand that it takes strength to show up in a space to talk about the individual, familial, and societal stressors that constantly impact our ability to honor ourselves. 

I first knew I wanted to become a therapist during my AP Psychology class in high school. I took a couple of detours along the way. I explored non-profit & educational settings. Eventually, I found myself back on the path to becoming a therapist. My journey helped me to understand then that dreams need space to grow and breathe again and that the path to achieving a dream does not need to be direct or uncomplicated.
As a therapist, I strive to provide a compassionate space where you can do the work to move from a state of surviving to a state of thriving . I understand that healing is a journey of self-exploration and that means you must have an active voice in the process. My own struggles & spiritual beliefs inform my desire to walk alongside people through the various difficulties and circumstances they face in life. I use a mixture of evidence-based practices to guide my interaction with people to make sure they are getting the best care and able to show up as their authentic selves. 
When I am not being a therapist, you can find me spending time with my partner trying new restaurants or spending time with close family and friends. During the football season I usually am cheering the Clemson Tigers to victory. I enjoy writing, listening to music, and making/drinking coffee with a good book.

You Deserve to Feel Great. I’m Here to Help.