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Anxiety Can Be Positive

positive effects of anxiety nervous at job interview

Anxiety is often looked at as a negative emotion or symptom. In a lot of ways, it can certainly be overwhelming and negatively impact life, but there are also some positive effects of anxiety.

Therapy for anxiety can help you channel the positive side of anxious symptoms, as well, and help you better understand how to turn it into a positive.

Anxiety serves a dual role. Anxiety can tell us what feels uncomfortable, unsafe, or uncertain. Our intuition and gut tell us when something feels a little off. Anxiety also lets us know when we feel nervous about an outcome or situation.

Therapy for anxiety can allow us to understand that, when we feel a little uncertain about something or stressed about the outcome, we are probably more invested in the situation. This allows us to know when we feel like we have something to lose.

Anxiety can make us physically ill as well. Tightness in our chest, shallow breathing, and nausea are all common symptoms.

When you go to a job interview, you most likely experience these symptoms. When you have an unsettling or uncomfortable conversation with someone you care about, you more than likely experience anxiety about the response.

Anxiety doesn’t have to be all bad though. There is a spectrum in symptoms, and it does not have to be black and white or all or nothing.

Sometimes we need to break out of our thought processes and cognitive headspace to disconnect and reconnect with our bodies.

Therapy for anxiety can help life feel more manageable but also better understand the positive effects of anxiety on our lives.

You do not have to suffer in silence or forever. Here at Resilient Mind Counseling, we can help you feel more grounded and less anxious or panicky. Call us today for a free consultation or book an appointment.

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