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BIPOC Mental Health Resources in North Carolina

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As the stigma around therapy lowers, we are starting to see how much value therapeutic support brings to our lives. We learn in therapy how our lived experiences (both good and bad) shape who we are and how we handle life in the present moment. 

Now, let’s consider culture. 

Image of a Hispanic family on the couch. In North Carolina there are BIPOC mental health resources. Whether you are in Asheville or Charlotte our multicultural counselor can help you. Call today if you are BIPOC to start multicultural counseling in North Carolina 28801.Oftentimes we forget BIPOC folks are raised within cultures that contribute to those lived experiences and, therefore, our present moment. When we factor in the messages that our culture gives us about mental health, it can either support or tear down our belief/need for professional support.

Now, imagine being from a BIPOC community and finally working up the courage to move past those negative cultural beliefs about mental health. Then taking the steps to seek our BIPOC mental health resources. But you find yourself sitting in front of someone who doesn’t look like you or speak like you. You are convinced they can’t understand your experiences. 

My Experience In Therapy As A Part of the BIPOC Community

I identify as a Hispanic cisgender woman and for most of my life, I have struggled with anxiety and difficulty concentrating. When I finally found the courage to seek help, I found myself sitting in front of older white women who had the tendency to question my experiences. For example, asking why I am so close with my family being at the age I was. 

It honestly didn’t anger me because I knew that we came from different worlds and it didn’t stop me from going to therapy. HOWEVER, it did stop me from fully exploring the root causes of some of my struggles which stemmed from my culture. 

Illustration of diverse hands in a circle. We provide BIPOC mental health resources in North Carolina. Whether you are in Charlotte, Raleigh, or Asheville you can find a There are many factors that contribute to the struggle with mental health in the Hispanic/Latinx community. Which includes:

  • Religion
  • physical symptoms
  • poverty
  • discrimination
  • family dynamics
  • immigration status
  • acculturation

(Acculturation is a fancy word for being able to fit into the culture we live in – in this case being Hispanic/Latinx and trying to fit into the American culture.)

At Resilient Mind Counseling, we know these factors contribute to the emotional struggle and can also be the cause of why sometimes we don’t seek help from mental health professionals. 

Your Location? It Matters.

A woman smiling while writing on a notepad. Multicultural counseling in North Carolina is a great BIPOC mental health resource. Have you been looking for a Another major factor is location. In every city I have lived in, I could only ever find white female therapists. I was also under the impression that whatever therapist I found who specialized in my areas of struggle I had to stick with. Because…..well, honestly, I was never told that I could end my time with a therapist if it wasn’t a good match. It wasn’t until this year when I switched to working 100% remotely that I realized I could expand my search and have phone consults until I found the right fit.

The journey to find the right BIPOC therapist is kind of like dating. It is okay to say “no” to a therapist or a certain type of treatment if you fill that it isn’t the right fit. It is okay for you to decide your wants and needs from the therapeutic relationship. 

Finding the Right BIPOC Mental Health Resources for You

YOU are the expert of your life and you CAN find the right fit. 

Multicultural counseling in North Carolina can be the place where you explore and process your experiences. As well as how they have shaped your personality, morals/beliefs, and behaviors. When you find a multicultural counselor that is right for you (and you will because I did), it will open the doors to a safe space. Allowing you to not only explore and process but also to learn how to cope with the anxieties of the world. 

Our world is always changing and sometimes deteriorating, but we don’t have to. Alongside a therapist, we can learn how to cope and manage our symptoms while still living our best lives. 

Here’s to finding our “best fit” North Carolina multicultural counselor and embarking on what can be a beautiful healing journey. 

Get BIPOC Mental Health Resources With A Therapist in North Carolina

Are you in North Carolina and trying to find the right BIPOC mental health resources? Resilient Mind Counseling is here to support you with BIPOC and multicultural counseling. We will help you find the “best fit” multicultural counselor for you! Your experience and beliefs are unique and our North Carolina therapists understand that. In order to get started follow these steps.

  1. Reach out for a free consultation at Resilient Mind Counseling
  2. Start meeting with a multicultural counselor who understands you
  3. Explore the root cause of your struggles and get the support you deserve

Other Mental Health Services at Resilient Mind Counseling in North Carolina

Resilient Mind Counseling offers several therapy options to support your identity, experiences, and struggles. Whether you are in Asheville, Charlotte, or somewhere in between we can support you with online therapy in North Carolina. With LGBTQIA+ therapy, multicultural counseling, and neurodivergent therapy. As well as, depression treatmentanxiety treatment, trauma therapy, PTSD treatment, and more! When you are ready we are here for you. Reach out today!

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