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Why You Should Get Therapy For Trauma

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Trauma and PTSD can feel paralyzing, scary, and shaming. Thankfully, you do not have to deal with this alone. Therapy for trauma and PTSD treatment can help you navigate and manage your symptoms. Thus allowing you to be freed from being constantly stuck in fight, flight, or freeze mode all the time.

Image of a woman with a grey cloud surrounding her head. Have you been searching for a "trauma therapist near me" due to nightmares and panic attacks in North Carolina? We offer PTSD treatment and therapy for trauma in Asheville, NC 28803. 28801 | 28804 | 28806Trauma Affects Daily Life

Trauma often shows up in ways that affect our daily lives. It can make it feel like your trauma symptoms are controlling how you react to even small events. Some of these include but are not limited to:

  • feeling out of control
  • Being hypervigilant
  • fear
  • feelings outside of your own body looking in
  • excessive shame

Trauma symptoms can manifest in a lot of different ways, and sometimes we don’t even realize that we’re struggling with them to begin with. If you are suffering from one or all of the above-listed symptoms then it might be time to start therapy for trauma in Asheville, NC.

Types of Trauma

When talking through your trauma it can usually be defined as big trauma or little trauma. However, both have a major impact on our central nervous system and our ability to navigate life. Think about trauma and your nervous system as a TSA agent at an airport, constantly scanning for danger.

As trauma therapists in Asheville, NC we can break down trauma even further. Allowing us to see that there are several different types of trauma. Which include acute or one-time events, and chronic or multiple traumas over an extended period of time. As well as complex trauma or multiple trauma experiences, and PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder).

We can often overlook trauma from childhood as trauma because it’s not easy to single out. As a child feeling isolated, abandoned, emotionally neglected, and abused are all things that can lead to needing trauma therapy. As well as living with a parent with serious mental illness, and experiencing separation and divorce are all considered trauma experiences.

Symptoms Addressed in Therapy for Trauma

Symptoms of trauma can range from psychical to psychological and emotional. Every person has a different experience with what symptoms they suffer from due to trauma. Therapy for trauma in Asheville, NC can help not only identify the symptoms but also address them. Allowing you to take back control.

Physical Symptoms: 

  • sweaty palms
  • feeling your heart race
  • upset stomach
  • tightness in your chest
  • headaches
  • insomnia
  • rapid breathing
  • being startled easily
  • trembling or shaking.

Psychological and Emotional Symptoms:

  • Image of a woman smiling while on virtual therapy. Do you suffer from flashbacks due to trauma from childhood? Our online therapists are also trauma therapists in North Carolina 28746. Call today and start therapy for trauma and PTSD treatment in Asheville, NC 28803. shock
  • denial
  • disbelief
  • confusion
  • difficulty concentrating
  • mood swings
  • anger
  • withdrawing from others
  • feeling disconnected or numb
  • guilt
  • shame
  • nightmares
  • self-blame

If you are struggling with any of the symptoms listed above, know that you are not alone. Research shows that over 70% of the adult population has experienced a traumatic event at least once in life.

Getting PTSD Treatment For Your Trauma Symptoms

Trauma therapy and PTSD treatment are highly manageable with the right support system and tool kit. Working with a trauma therapist in Asheville, NC means that you’ll work with someone highly trained in reducing and minimizing the symptoms of trauma. As well as assisting you with relaxation techniques to make life feel more in control.

All of our Asheville, NC-based therapists specialize in supporting people who experience trauma symptoms. Allowing them to help with reducing and even eliminating these struggles.

Our mental health clinicians work throughout the entire state of North Carolina over telehealth or online therapy. Don’t let trauma dictate your life and prevent you from thriving. Reach out today to one of our trauma therapists to support you as a team.

Ready to Get Support With Start Trauma Therapy in Asheville, NC?

Illustration of a woman working through PTSD during teletherapy. Whether you are seeking therapy for trauma for big trauma, little trauma, or complex PTSD our trauma therapists can help you in Asheville, NC 28803. There are lots of symptoms associated with PTSD including fear, nightmares, and flashbacks. Get the support you need today with trauma therapy in Asheville, NC 28746. 28730 | 28745 | 28732

Tired of nightmares and flashbacks? Wanting to overcome trauma from childhood? Tired of feeling hypervigilant and full of fear? Our trauma therapists in North Carolina are ready to help you regain control from trauma and PTSD. At Resilient Mind Counseling in North Carolina, we understand how hard it can be to reach and address your fears. To get started all it takes is to follow these three steps. First, start by scheduling a free consultation with us. Second, begin therapy for trauma in Asheville, NC with a trauma therapist. Finally, start living life free of fear and begin to feel in control of your life again.

Additional Services Offered by our Asheville Mental Health Therapists

Our psychotherapists are skilled and trained in more than just Trauma Therapy and PTSD Treatment. We offer anxiety treatment, depression treatment, mood and bipolar disorder treatment, BIPOC Therapy, and LGBTQIA+ Therapy. In addition to counseling, we also offer psychiatric services. Our Asheville, NC-based office offers these services through online therapy for all residents of North Carolina.

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